Monday, February 06, 2006

Walk before trying to run

For many years now I have uploaded files from my pc to websites via ftp, so I have that competence. I had not yet updated a site with images from a webcam attached to my pc so that seemed like a good starting point to resolve my problems.

I have a Logitech QuickCam Web with ImageStudio software that has the capability to set up a webcam via a free trial of SpotLife. But that doesn't get me any closer to posting to The Geordies website. Searching through freeware and shareware presented two main options:

  • allow the viewer's browser to pull the image straight from my pc used as a server
  • push images to the website at predetermined intervals regardless of whether anyone was viewing the webcam page

The first method makes the pc vulnerable to attack so I opted for the second approach. Of all the available software TinCam seemed to do what I wanted so I downloaded and installed a 30 day free trial. It seems to work so I have now purchased a registration key.

The results of a trial run can be seen here so at least I am now walking more steadily.